Dear  visitors,

I am a Landscape and Event Photographer that occasionally dabbles with portraiture, currently based out of Lakeville, MN.

The curiosity for photography started in a High School classroom called Photography 1. It was a prerequisite to graduate to take at least 1 Art credit and at the time, being a clumsy football jock, photography sounded a lot easier to pass than Ceramics. Within the first week of the class we took a photography excursion to the Como Zoo in St. Paul, where I took a photo of a Football Mum with my old school Nikon N45 Black and White film camera my dad found at a pawn shop. Being that we developed our own film and enlarged our own images, the entire process was hands on and after a few failed attempts, I was holding an 8×10 flower and the teacher was showering her praise. At her request, the photo was entered in a local State Fair Art Competition in which it earned 6th place out of hundreds of entries.

The passion was sparked and years later is still growing, sending me on an exhilarating lifelong mission of traveling and capturing the many beautiful places and moments on this expansive earth, preserving them for everyone to see.

So, thank you for joining me today, sit down, buckle up and take a quick venture with me around this beautiful world through the lens of my camera.

There is a lot to see and I’m thrilled you’re here for it!

With Gratitude,

Jon Hedin